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There are 126 know species of ants in Ohio and over 22,000 in the world. Some ants will nest in your home and some will travel into your house while nesting outdoors. Identifying the type of ant and source are extremely helpful when deciding on treatment.

Ants can be difficult to treat because they can identify some treatments and avoid them. You can treat indoor and outdoor ants with repellent and repellant chemicals. The issue with repellent is the ants will quickly learn how to avoid the area and just merely change their behaviors. Non-repellent can be successful in killing the ant and colony. Non-repellent sprays can work by slowly affecting the ant and infect them and the nest over time.

Some ants will nest inside your home and these ants will build colonies within your living areas. The use of bait and non-repellent treatments are good in these cases. If bait is used as a treatment, worker ants will obtain the bait and bring it back to the nest; when ingested by the colony the bait will kill the ants. Ant bait should always be kept away from children and pets.

Ants that nest outdoors and come into your home for water or food sources can require more steps of treatment. You need to identify where the ants are coming into your house, seal and thoroughly clean the area with cleaner. Cleaning the area with a cleaner or detergent will erase the presence of any pheromones left by the ants before. Also, look outside for any ant nest and treat them. Have the borders of your homes exterior sprayed as well. The use of bait is also beneficial when treating these ants. If you find a nest outside use minimal bait as treatment. If you disturb a nest too much, the ants can simply relocate.

Treating an ant problem can be a difficult task, calling a professional will help identify what type of infestation you have and the correct method of treatment.

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