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Bees Hornets and Wasps

Native to Ohio are Paper Wasps, Boldfaced Hornets, Yellowjackets, Mud Daubers and a variety of bees -- to name just a few. You will commonly find these pests during the summer months when they are the most active. Even though some of these pests can sting and build their nests in inconvenient places, they can be beneficial to humans by eating other pests and aid in pollenating plant-life.

These pests are known to live in large groups working to support and feed their queen. They have a division of duties assigned to specific members of these colonies. These nests can occur in a variety of places including wall voids, hollowed tree and under eaves. Many species will construct these nests with an array of debris chewed up and mixed with their saliva.

If you are going to try to control a bee, hornet or wasp colony on your own, you need to cautiously approach this task. First, you want to make sure that you are wearing protective clothing that does not expose your face, eyes, arms or hands. In most cases, it is safer to attempt treating a nest at night when the colony is asleep. Many species are unable to see the color red so using a light with a red coloring will help you to be unseen. After you spray the nest, continue to monitor its activity in the days to come and make sure that you have been successful. When you know that you have been, remove the nest.

Remember that these pests usually do not sting unless agitated intentionally or accidentally. So, make sure to keep pets and children away from known nests until they have been eliminated.

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